It was 1983. We went to a movie, "Victoria, Victoria" (at the Parimount Threatre), afterwards a cocktail at Sullivan's Panio Bar (I had a vodka and orange/he had a rum and coke), then we pick up subs at Captain Submarine (I had the steak/he had the cold cut) and took them back to my place. That was our first night together and we've been together since (20 years).

Was my third date with a handsome little married guy from Montreal. He came to my place after work,we had sex, went out for dinner (at La Cave, I think) and got one of the little secluded rooms, and necked thru dinner, then went home for some more sex, went dancing at Reflection until closing, a small donair on the way home, then sex until just before dawn. He had a deal with his wife, like a vampire he had to be home before dawn.

My best date was with a very hot guy that I had a crush on forever, meaning months and months. We had a gorgeous dinner, and went on a long walk and I ended up getting to kiss him. It was one of the most cozy, right experiences I've ever felt.

It was my birthday. She made me breakfast in bed and started the day with loopbags containing all of my favorite things and my huge oversized stuffed talking eeyore (i know a little immature for an early 20's les.). We then spent the day around town and dropped in for some no-no fast food, best poutine in halifax. Went home and got ready to go for dinner, she made reservations at the Five Fishermen where two more wonderful presents followed dessert. Followed by a wonderful show at NeptuneTheatre (after the present of seasons tickets that she gave me) and dancing at Reflections. I think that may just include everyone one could want in a birthday/date.

I met him Valentine's Day... a chance, quick coffee which I hadn't anticipated as anything out of the ordinary. There was something so magical about his eyes and his voice. It was simply undescribable. I only had a short while to sit with him, but have been thinking about or seeing him constantly since. Sometimes lingering dreams are better than fun dates.

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