Websnatcher's Story

I have one...Years ago, I met a man at a certain bar, as the case always is, and decided that after a few drinks, I would go home with him. Everything was fine, until it came time to go into his apartment. He insisted that I go through the window, so as to not tip off his roommates to the fact that he had picked up. Foolishly, I agreed. The rest of the one-night stand ensued, and somewhere along the lines we got to talking about careers. He pointed out the fact that I still hadn't asked him what he did for a living, how he had such a knowledge base of the human body. After making me promise not to freak out, he revealed the fact that he was a mortician, and a professional embalmer. What was more alarming, was that he revealed the fact that he was called in to help work on my grandmother, who recently passed away. True story! Needless to say, the massage that he had been giving me was over, and I never really saw much of him after that!- Websnatcher

The Next Morning

Worst date? - I've had a few however, the worst was when I was very young (back in 1978). Getting into bars back then was really easy, anyway it was a Friday night and this older guy picks me up and we went back to his place where I spent the night. It was a fun night, we stayed up most of it messing around and having a great time. Anyway, Saturday morning 11:00 (or so) and he's shaking me, waking me up and telling me I have to get out, his wife is home. We were in a basement bedroom and he's pushing me out the basement window, I had hardly any of my clothes on and he's tossing the rest out on the street. I have no idea whatever happened to him and to be honest, I couldn't care.

Long Drive for Nothing

Rent a car in Antigonish to visit a hot guy I'd been talking to for a year in Cheticamp. Drove for 3 hours on icy January roads to arrive late in the afternoon on a Saturday to discover he's, ummmm, not quite physically as he described. And, after I bought supper and paid for the motel room, discover that he really doesn't do the really hot sex thing that he has talked about for the last year. Oh, and, ummmmm, he has a 9:00pm curfew, so that all-night lovin' (of whatever kind) that we talked about, can't really do that either, bye bye. So - top THAT.

; Someone writes: (next time hun get a pic, save you a whole year of wasted time...

; Dan responds: His looks were the LEAST problem I assure you. Being alone in a motel room with no booze, after dark on icy roads in Cheticamp was WAY above his looks or dick size.

Speaking of Horrors...

I don't know if this tops it or not....

Met a fellow and we talked for hours, in person, then since it was getting late, we decided that getting together and going out might be a nice thing, a first date, if you will. Neither of us had seen RockyHorrorPictureShow , and it was being held the next week, so that seemed like a nice thing to do, dinner and a movie. He didn't drive, and I couldn't drive that week, so I made alternative transportation arrangements, including a romantic boat ride on the harbour (although I didn't tell him the details of it).

I called the day before, and earlier that day to confirm that things were a go for that evening... Everything was fine, and he was looking forward to the show. I got to his apartment at the appointed time, less than half an hour after I had been talking to him, and got no answer at the doorbell. I waited for someone else to come out, and tried knocking at his (silent) door, in case the buzzer was busted. No answer. I went back to the lobby, tried the buzzer again, and noticed there was a note on his mailbox, saying that something suddenly came up, and that he would call me the next day. Guess what? It never happened.

I tried to enjoy the evening, following through with the plans since everything had been paid for in advance and wasn't refundable, but I ended up crying the night away, alone and abandoned. So much for a first date. I'll let you know how the second one goes when it happens.


Mine: he had bad breath and he was creepy.

My Worst Date by Michael

How my best date became my worst. I had put an ad on gaycanada.com looking for a long-term relationship and someone replied and sounded very interested in meeting me. I was excited, as he was the first one that replied that I thought, I would be interested in meeting. We decided to meet for coffee and we had not traded pics. My ad was honest and described myself honestly and so did his. We agreed to meet at Tim's and it was raining that night. I had gotten a cab and I saw him coming in the rain. It was like a scene in a movie. He was nothing but beautiful. He was that type of person that everyone finds beautiful and he most certainly must turn many heads when he enters a room. I got out of the taxi and we shook hands and went to go into Tim's. Unfortunately, we chose one that was closed. We proceeded to go to a McDonalds across the street to chat and get to know each other. Thinking I would feel somewhat uncomfortable in McDonalds, I asked him if he would rather go to my place and chat. He agreed. We went to my place and chatted for three hours, getting to know each other. He was wonderful, not only beautiful on the outside but also inside. He was a perfect gentleman, friendly, polite, and kind. Because he answered my ad that specifically mentioned I was not into one-night stands, it never crossed my mind that sex would be an option. After chatting for three hours and sitting beside each other on my couch, he made the first sexual move. I was surprised and caught off guard. In my mind, I assumed this meant things were going really well. It eventually moved to my bedroom but it was different. It was not cheap sex and we were love making. We kissed passionately and we both seemed to really be into each other (no puns intended). Our lovemaking lasted an hour and a half and we both seemed to be enjoying each other. Although I was not interested in sex it somehow seemed right. I walked him to the bus stop and he told me he would be interested in calling me. The next day he sent me a simple email telling me he was not interested in a relationship. I was crushed. His unwillingness to try to see if we might be interested in a relationship seemed to make everything we had done to become an illusion. I shed many tears and being new to the scene, I felt heart-broken and very depressed. This only happened a couple days ago and I still do not know how to feel. Although I have had one-night stands in the past, this was different for some reason. I felt very depressed and somewhat suicidal. I have never felt this way before. And I thank my great friend and roommate Kris, for helping me make some sense of this. If anything I learned that I have some great friends and a support centre to reach out too. Something that I didn?t know I had until this happened to me. I don?t know what else I am supposed to learn from this event but I guess that will come in time. I will never forget my thirtieth birthday.

; CapnDan writes: hang in there buddy. So he didn't want a relationship. Don't take it personally. There are a hundred different reasons he might not have wanted to follow up. Maybe he's on the rebound from a relationship and a buddy convinced him that it would be a really bad idea to start a new one right now. Maybe the idea of being gay scares him a little. Maybe his boyfriend or wife was out of town that night.

A Walk on the Weird Side

Here's a walk on the weird side: I had placed an ad on www.webpersonals.com and gotten LOTS of responses, mostly from married guys, and had had a number of very nice dates, some of which I followed up with continue as good friends or fuck buddies, and some not. My first dates were always coffee, next date was a lunch at My Other Brother Daryl's on Fenwick St, the next was an evening out dancing etc. Anyway I met this guy for coffee and he was profoundly, seriously not my type: scrawny to the point of emaciation, shoulder blades so sharp you could shave on them. Personality-wise he was militant yet apathetic, abrasive yet thin-skinned, disablingly shy and generally neurotic. Sex-wise he had a jockstrap/neo-Nazi/skinhead/military boot fetish that I found a little scary. There were also several things that said "this isn't going to work for you." The next day he wrote and told me what a great time he had had and could we go out again and for some demented reason I agreed, and we had a meal at a pub with some of my friends which didn't go all that well (see paralyzingly shy, above) but at the end of it I was 100% sure that neither of us was Mr Right for the other. But yet the next day I got an effusive email suggesting another date and I said yes, let's meet at PerksCafe and walk along the waterfront. As we were walking along the piers I told him in the most objective possible terms that he was seriously not my type phyisically, and thus a relationship really was not going to work. I emphasized that the physical attraction was my personal preference and that a lot of men loved lean guys. I entirely left out the personality and kinky sex issues and we had an ice cream at Cows and I thanked him for the walk and I thought we parted on quite amicable terms.

The next day I got a five-page (yes, I printed it) e-manifesto describing (as redundant as that might have been at that point) not only how a relationship with me was completely out of the question but in rather more detail, every one of the dozens of things that my new acquaintance had found repulsive about me; the unpleasant ways my body bulged from my (previously unguessed-at) obesity, my (to me, surprisingly) disfiguring dental deformities, nonexistent hygeine, my breath, my incapacity in bed, disgusting promiscuousness, my embarrassinly flamboyant mannerisms and concluding with a small essay on the inanity and shallowness of both myself and the friends to whom I'd introduced him on the two "dates."

This story doesn't have a punch line or a the-moral-of-this-story-is.

It's all in the Details

I guess a pet peeve from my viewpoint when it comes to bad dates are guys who blatantly lie about details. For instance, the guy I was set to meet told me he was 5'11" and 160 lbs. when he weighed roughly 240-250. People notice these things, and lying about them gets one nowhere but far away from me.

Don't know why people have to lie.

Sexy Voice

BillElliott writes: Gee I could write a couple stories here..lol

I remember a really bad date. Hadn't called the gayline for a long time. One time I called and this guy and I had a nice chat. He said how he was in his mid 40s. He was quite a smooth talker and we turned each other on. So anxious to meet this guy I gave him my address and where to go. Anyway He arrived His voice came over the intercalm..Opened up the door and here standing was an 65 man. His cologne smelt good. We had our affair bing bang boom. The date was ok but what was then turn off he wasnt what I expected. So when on gayline guys dont be fool by voice. and the age is not always true. this is the same about online dating.

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