Bob Ertel

Bob was recruited to help with Hallowe'en decorations at The Turret in 1979 - 1980 after working at Kelly's Stereo on Barrington Street, and soon became manager of the club and was central to the production of HaveYouHeard.

In the late 1970s he served as editor for HaveYouHeard, GaeGala's house horgan, with RandGaynor doing design and layout, but by February-march of 1979 hea had taken over both functions.

Someone writes: He trained originally to be a chef. He worked at Kelly's Stereo on Barrington Street. I remember he got mugged while making the night deposit for the Turret and was quite badly hurt in the process. He had two enormous cats, really obese, called Boris and Natashia who he tried very hard to help them lose weight, but they were too far gone for that.

Bob moved to Toronto around 1980.