Have You Heard?

pic The house organ for GaeGala starting in October, 1978. Design & production by RandGaynor, and starting in 1979, BobErtel.

Notice the ad for BrendaBryan's Crepewagon.

JimDeYoung writes:

I also helped print the Have You Heard editions & GAEZette on my union Gestetner machine, making the orignial pages on my union stencil burner, then placeing them & inking them well on the Gestetner drum & finally hand cranking the blank pages through for printing. I didn't charge for this & donated my time, with not too much gratitude.
It got to be too demanding after doing it for so long a time & people getting articles to me late for our printing deadlines. I had some help, but mostly that help consisted of my lover at the time.
I enjoyed doing it but also found it frustrating with the lack of submitted articles.

DebTrask has back issues circa 1978 - 80.

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