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pic IntensityDance, a collective of GayEntertainers including gay and gay-friendly dancers, spoken word performers, musicians and DragQueens, camped it up through a series of daring and entertaining dance and spoken word performances in February 2003 at The VelvetOlive?.

Performers for this show, which took an in-depth look at the "oh so good" and "oh so bad" of love, include RyanStevens, JennaStevens?, MarkLowther?, LeanneBourgeois, AlizeZorlutuna? and JessAbramson of ArtistsAgainstOppression.

The show's entertainers previously entertained audiences at DanSpace? On Grafton, ReflectionsCabaret, ClubNrg, The Chester Playhouse, The McInnes? Room and The KhyberClub.

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