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April 19, 1996 - April, 2022


Reflections was opened in 1996 by the late Beverly Wilson and her Son Paul as a late night dance club where everyone was welcome focusing on the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Community.

April 19, 1996
Grand opening weekend at 5184 Sackville - the bottom floor of the former Zeller's Building. There's a big article in WayvesMagazine by ChrisAucoin.1
The beginning of the ReflectionsHellsAngels story.
October, 2000
RCMP charged owner and manager Paul Albert Wilson with two counts of first-degree murder
July, 2003
The third witness in Wilson's murder dies in jail.
November 3, 2004
Awarded Best nightclub 2005 Best of Coast Awards. Also, winning again on the same night, for the 9th consecutive year, Best place to dance
February 8, 2011
building owner Frank Medjuck announces that the Zellers Building will be razed and made into a 20-storey building.
There was some talk about moving to 2037 Gottingen Street but the UARB would not give them a Cabaret license there2 "I'm disappointed because I thought we were good for Halifax," said owner Mike Schmid.
2014, fall
Moved to 5187 Salter Street
December 26, 2018
web site is "suspended" by the web service some time in the previous few months
March 13, 2020
Last update to Facebook
March 17, 2020
Closed "until further notice" due to COVID-19
October 26, 2021
Minor update to Facebook page:
April 5, 2022
"Permanently closed" Google status is noticed by Halifax ReTales Chat
Facebook page says 4,711 people like this, 12,700 people checked in here,

Self-Description, 2006

Their self description, supplied some time before 2006:

Reflections has a long reputation for being the best place to dance; now it's been crowned Halifax's best nightclub too. "Above all, this is a place to go, relax and have fun," says manager Mike Schmid, "This is a no-labels bar, and we work very hard to make it feel comfortable, friendly and safe for everyone." Schmid says that the attitude of the bar staff -- usually more friendly than ferocious -- goes a long way toward ensuring that bar patrons have a good time. "People say, 'It just feels so good in here,'" explains Schmid, "because they feel safe, and they're having fun. That's what it's all about."

Whatever kind of music you like to dance to, chances are you'll find it at Reflections. "We've got a great variety here, from live heavy metal to dance, from DJs to drag," says manager MikeSchmid?. "We try to have something for everyone." And it looks like "everyone" appreciates their efforts: this is the ninth consecutive win for Reflections in this category. Next time you're in the mood to put on your boogie shoes, point them toward Reflections.

Halifax's biggest and best dance club with events every night of the week. Reflections was voted "Best Place to Dance" by TheCoast Best of Halifax Readers Survey for the past 7 years! Multiple mini bars make getting a drink very easy. The light show is a sight to be seen, and the sound system is out of this world! The city's best drag shows happen there often as well, including the annual Grammy Awards Drag Show. This club is known for their very friendly staff and "no labels" attitude. Everyone's welcome there!

While this particular bar has a visible population of straight people (especially on Fridays), it still has a zero-tolerance policy for Homophobic Abuse. The Gay and straight communities mingle well in this space. Reflections has created a lot of understanding and communication between the gay and straight community. It is nice to see people mingle who should be mingling. Now they know what we are like! Normal-like them! The straight boyzzz looove the drag queens!

Reflections has gone through many renovations in the past while. These include a beautiful new floor, which is blue, new leather couches, rehapolstered furniture, new interior lights, a new lounge area, new ventilation system on top of the existing one, new lasers and dance floor lights, expanded coatcheck, and freshly painted. Their DJ, Hedfones spins awesome music, with all the latest hits as well as classic ones too! This place is the perfect package-probably why they have been around so long.

Someone put together a panorama of the block.3

Business Profile

The following is copied from the Downtown Halifax Business Comission on March 11, 2022.

ReflectionsCabaret Reflections was opened in 1996 by the late Beverly Wilson and her Son Paul as a late night dance club where everyone was welcome focusing on the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Community. That was almost 20 years ago and Reflections has evolved in to a “no Labels, no rules” bar where everyone is welcome and as long as what you are doing is not negatively affecting some one else’s experience and its not illegal, its ok. Everyone goes to Reflections and we are the best place to dance in the City!

Reflections has played host to some of the biggest DJ’s in the world on many occasions, as well as world class live acts, comedy and drag shows. Relocated to Salter Street in the fall of 2014 to a two tier club many have said ranks in experience with clubs anywhere in the world. We are a major venue for the Halifax Pop Explosion, the largest Music festival in the Maritimes.

We try to make Reflections a place that represents a place in the spirit of a quote form Steve Rubell, the Man who started Studio 54. “Let the 80 year old dance all night, let models mingle with mechanics, plumbers dance with princes, No labels no rules.”

Reflections Cabaret…….. something for everyone.

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