This queen is still skinny as hell, and still a blast to party with. Living in Kamloops... married 14 years. Working like a bitch.

2010 Cherise writes
I am the above said Queen. This is Cherise. Last name was Blowsjus (blows you) In case you can't speak French. Still in BC. Loving the Hot weather here in Kamloops. Missing all my family and friends in Nova Scotia. May be visiting soon. Hoping to stop in Halifax for a bit. No, not doing drag so forget asking. That part of my life is over. I used to work as a waiter at Studio Bar. Noted for doing Cher and Barbra S.
Rest in Peace Meshallay. Will miss ya girl.
LuLu no words can describe how you helped the Queens of Halifax. You will be missed.

This page is for one of many for Halifax DragQueens.