picChris Shepherd Circa 1980

B. June 23, 1952

JimDeYoung writes:

Chris Shepherd was a huge black gay man who was a DJ at The Turret & lived with his lover Rodger in the infamous GayGreyApartmentBuilding. Chris was well known to be very vocal about his gay activist viewpoints. He moved to Toronto eventually, to further his DJ career.
He was usually pleasant, highly sexed & always on "the hunt." He also hosted many "parties" that would rival famous Roman Orgies of the past.

pic There's a bit of a story about this wig in PeanutButterAndJamSandwichSevena

About the spelling of his name: Chris has corrected the spelling of his name personally.

Someone asks: Is this the same fellow known for "Dance Party" CDs and the "Pirate Radio" series of recordings that were heavily marketed on TV a few years ago? DanielMacKay answers: No - that Chris is a whiteboy, and his name is spelled Chris Sheppard. It is confusing though.To add to the confusion you can find works by Chris on the net and in select stores under the name of groovemaster-k