Here's a somewhat biased and jaded view of how CruisingAreas get started, get known, and then become extinct.

A fellow goes for a walk. He sees a nice view, and perhaps another fellow. The other fellow looks nice too, and they exchange views of things they brought with them.

As time goes on, the first guys go back to the same place, perhaps just for the walk, the view, or the hope of meeting each other again. Perhaps they meet again, perhaps they meet someone else, perhaps they just get a nice walk in the fresh air... All of it's good.

Paths develop, or get created off the beaten path, and traffic picks up. It starts to get noticed by other people.

People being slobs, they bring along paper cups, bottles, cans, and ice cappuccino cups that will remain in perfect condition long after the pyrimids of Giza have been reduced to dust and forgotten memories. This is the start of the downfall.

All of that activity can't remain unnoticed by StraightFamilies?. Mommy and Daddy have to take Baby Billy and Susie for a walk in the nice place that's out of the way. Look at that guy over there! Look at that other guy over there! What are they doing? They are going at it like dogs! That's so unnatural! Quick, let's call the police!

The police show up, people get arrested, and the media learns about the location of a new cruising area. (See: LawOfUnintendedConsequences?) Let's tell the world! Naturally, this brings lots and lots of more people, both the ones who want to enjoy the area, and the ones who want to be shocked and offended. There are also ones who want to enjoy, but when they can't get laid, they get shocked, and call the police again... more attention, more people, perhaps a few who think "Fags is sissies, let's clobber 'em!". Again, more police attention leads to more media attention, and things just get worse.

Along come people with dogs, who decide to just let the shits fall where they may. Cyclists too, zooming along the well-beaten paths, so fast they risk running over the people who may be on foot.

Eventually, local officials decide that something must be done to stop people from enjoying the area. So, if it was a park, restrictions on it's use get posted, and maintenance gets removed. Vandalism picks up, and things get a bit more dangerous.

On the other hand, if it wasn't a park, perhaps it's time for the land to be developed. Along come bulldozers and heavy machinery, and then the trees are gone, and the place is turned into housing for people who would be horrified to know what was happening there months before.

Anyway, things get ugly, the nice views are gone, and it's time to look for a new cruising area.

This is part of the reason CruisingAreas are always right nex to, say, the harbour, or on CitadelHill. You can't trash the views THERE without levelling the city.