Top: "front" side; Bottom: "back" side
Top: "front" side; Bottom: "back" side

The Hill, as it's known by Halifags, is frequented by all kinds. During the day you can drive all around, and in the summer there's sunbathing on the sunny side. At night the harbour side is open for car cruising, and walkers use the back side. Both are fun, and there's a racier crowd on the back side. Cars and cruisers accumulate near the offramp, at the extreme left in this picture, in both modes.

The CruisingProtocols for this site are very simple.

There are often hustlers on the Hill doing SexForMoney; they'll make their biz known up front.

Although gay bashing is rare, avoid groups, both in cars and walking.

Cruising goes on through the day, picks up at dusk and continues briskly until well after midnight. After the nearby bars close, "str8" boys can be found there doing something between getting off coz they didn't get lucky with a chick, and trading some str8boy dick for a ride home.

Some might say that by day its a tourist trap, and by night its a, well, tourist, sailor, married guy, horny fag, curious teen trap.

This, like many OutdoorCruisingAreas, does have an incredibly nice view by either day or night that would be worth the visit even if it weren't for the potential for fun. And like all cruising areas, please pack out your litter; Parks Canada does not need to be picking up your used rubbers the next morning.

Feb 10th 2006, someone writes: Watch out for the crazy 40-something y/o guy who has been chasing cars and people away from some hustler he thinks he owns. He's quite unstable and like to hang out with the underage crowd. Sometimes has a backpack on and a dog on a leash.

Someone responds: That guy is Gord Campbell (sp?) and he is currently awaiting a court hearing for assault on both the young guy mentioned and that kids father. Total headcase

November 19, 2006: CBC Radio Halifax's "Talk Of The Block" piece about public cruising and sex here and SpectacleLake by Alex Mason.

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HistoryProjectTodoList: HistoryFirsts documents gay sex here in 1752 & 1753! The Hill should be a national historic site!

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