CapnDan writes: what protocol you use, depends on location, that is, which CruisingAreas.

In a str8 bar

the standard technique is to buy the dude beer, chat him up, laugh at his jokes, and mention that you have something at home - dope or str8 porn is the usual.

In a washroom

In the car with a hitch hiker

*Typically, if a guy picks you up hitch hiking at night and is chatty he wants something. If you are hitchhiking at night you probably want something more than a lift. Let the guy lead the discussion a little, gauge friendliness. If you feel comfortable, say you wish there was a party to go to or you really dont feel like going home yet and see what happens.

On the street

The classic is to look back at your target and see that he is looking back at you. The timing of this works bizarrely well. Then you look back again and he's looking back again. Eventually one of you stops and leans against the wall or looks in a store window, the other turns around and you make some conversation. In many parts of the world, but not North America, you look at the target, he grabs his crotch.

In the GayBars

There are a fascinating variety. By the way, the energy you give off when you're in a bar with a friend is much better than when you're in the bar alone. So make an effort to take a friend out with you, you'll get more guys hitting on you and a better success rate when you put the moves on your target.

Outdoors in a cruising park

Any of the outdoor CruisingAreas. One common protocol is to walk past your target by a certain distance and stop. He will walk past you a certain distance, and stop. Repeat until you feel like approaching. Make smalltalk, grab your crotch. If you get a similar signal, grab his.

At the bath house

Halifax's bath is SeaDogsSauna


has its own protocols - see its page


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