Criticism of the locally-made porn movie DareToBeBare.

The quality of the video is poor and the quality of the content sucks. It's a fight for the coke whores to keep it hard. So if you're into bareback movies and bad film save your money, you could probably pick one of the actors up at ReflectionsCabaret and have it for free...just go see the doctor the following morning for your month of penicilin treatments.

They certainly picked Halifax's trashiest...well, a couple of 'em.

No, all of them.

Gotta love people placing value judgements on other people. What's the saying about throwing the first stone? Glass houses? lol

I for one can't understand people doing such dangerous things. Perhpas if the watched one of their friends die of AIDS they would think twice about thier activity. I am not judging just making a statement.

It's all Trash!!!

Its high risk anal bareback sex among multiple individuals. Despite that, its also extremely boring.

Its funny how some of the guys in the video chastize thier friends for going to Seadogs saying its dirty, but yet, they themselves have unprotected sex with multiple individuals on video!

Sucks that someone went through all this trouble just for a bit of public humiliation and a bit of profit. What are some ways that people can avoid getting into messes like these?

CapnDan writes: Those pieces of advice are good but really irrelevant in this case; these people went to a motel room intentionally to make a porn film that was going to be published. There was no subterfuge. Any public humiliation was fully participated in by everyone on both sides of the camera.

Dan makes a VEry good point. alot of the "actors" in the film are trying to play some sort of victim card.... free will?

How could anyone in that film claim to play a victm card ? They went of free will and we fully aware that they were being filmed for a porm movie ... Why would they think they would be a victim ?

Let's face it... the 'producer' did a bad job.. and the players made a bad choice ... PLEASE PRACTICE SAFE SEX!!!!! Unprotected sex can kill you... and lets face it... was his cock realy worth your life ?

Be Safe ____________________________________ Can anybody spell on this forum?