The artist formerly known as ChristieDavenport, daughter to DawnDavenport.

Now, Desree Davenport is better than ever, i have posed nude for allboy magazine (as a boy) LOL i had a great time in toronto and am haven a blast at life, i havent been out in drag in a while but i enjoy doing porn so hit me up for copys and website addresses xoxo forever a diva ~Desree~ xoxox

AmberWayves writes: I miss you alot, and I hope you are doing well with your new career. Email me sometime and visit my website anytime. Hope to see you soon. Take Care

LadySchapeau writes: hey kiddo, hows my favourite niece doing? , i want your email so i can send you some pics of your auntie Schapeau. email me @

This page is for one of many for Halifax DragQueens.