pic Hunky hunky str8 bartender at the Gottingen Street location of the EagleHalifax for a few years.

picBartending at the Eagle Halifax 1999


He attended Saint Francis Xavier University, 1993-1998 leaving with a degree in BA English / Philosophy. While there he met his good friend Jamie whose boyfriend Jason who became his roommate when he first moved to Halifax.

picActing shot for "The Weight of Water" 1999

On his second weekend in Halifax in 1998, he and Jamie went to the EagleHalifax where they met owner JimMacLeod and become the head bartender, which he remained until 2002 when the bar closed. He still calls that his favorite job.

While working at The Eagle he acted with Theater Antigonish and worked in film and TV such as Lexx, The Weight of Water, Taskforce, Black Harbour.

When the Eagle closed he went back to Personal Training and now works as a Personal Trainer both with Nubody's and freelance. He has a regular spot speaking about fitness on the 920AM show "Just Between Us" is the fitness columnist for the Sunday Daily News titled "Fit To Be Tried". This fall he'll be working as the guest trainer for "The Candy Show", starring CandyPalmater. He also works as a motivational speaker part time.

He's is married to Gina and they have son Reign and daughter Journey and live in Fletcher's Lake, Nova Scotia.

In the last year he and his brother Thane have had a TV series and a documentary film optioned and are planning another project titled "The Party." They are presently looking for a producer to work with on another TV series / film hybrid project.

picthe Middleweight 2nd Couples Nova Scotia Amateur Bodybuilding Championship 2005 with Suzanne Poirier

picFrom his Daily News column in 2005


DanielMacKay writes: one of my favourite stories from those days is when we -- Pride perhaps or some other good cause -- had a fund raiser of selling the teeshirts off your back. So someone would buy the one you were wearing and you would sloooowwlly strip it off, give it to them, and put on a fresh one from a big stack you had behind the bar. And one night I was there, there was an older gentleman in a matching suitjacket and slacks at the bar, buying one teeshirt after the other off you and you made a pile of them.

And at the end of the evening he got up to leave and you said, "Don't forget your shirts!" and he said, "Young man, do I look like the sort of person who wears tee shirts? I was only buying them to watch you strip them off. Please keep and re-sell them."


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