The Eagle Halifax

The Eagle opened August, 1998 in the upstairs space at 2104 Gottingen St previously known as the RainbowRoom, and run by JimMacLeod.

There's a photo of the exterior of the building on this page.

The Gottingen location and decor of the Eagle was befitting its name - a small men's leather bar, minimal soundsystem and very low lighting.

In early 2001, JimMacLeod moved the bar to Pizza Corner,1 with partners DaveLeBlanc? and PaulLaybolt as bookkeeper.2 The signage never changed from That Seventies Bar with fern decor and a female DJ. It did not do well financially and closed September, 2001.

The artwork and advertising was done by SheldonBillard?.

Eagle Stories

Well, I'm a little crazy about Mi'kmag guys. One night - maybe Hallowe'en, at the Eagle there was this CUTE little Mi'kmag guy in a loincloth type costume. I had a Zorro-style mask made of black stage makeup on. We had major chemistry and before long we were in the washroom with the guy over the counter and my tongue up his hot little ass. We did that for a while and decided it was time for a break, and when I quit - I had painted his hard little asscheeks black!! We did our best to clean him up but without coldcream it wouldn't come off, he wasn't going to be able to show that ass to anyone else that night!

Someone writes: The bartender was the biggest lil hotty ever. And someone else answers: Which do you mean? Big, hunky str8 DevonSharrington?

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