For many years "Doctor Bob" was one of the first GayFriendlyDoctors in Halifax.

Medical Post : DOCTOR IN PROFILE: Dr. Bob's art of medicine : Dorothy Grant

FrankMagazine wrote that Dr. Bob Fredrickson's patients see him more as a friend than as a physician. He'll take that as a compliment The scathingly satirical Frank, a publication not known for being kind to the people it writes about, recently described Halifax family physician Dr. Bob Fredrickson as "the boy wonder of Queen Street who ministers to a large and loyal flock of iconoclastic sickos who universally regard him as a friend rather than a physician." Dr. Fredrickson laughs heartily at the magazine's unusual praise, but admits the comments did concern him. "In a way I felt pretty good about what they said, although I wondered how my patients would react. But I recognize that I do attract a different type of clientele... I operate on a walk-in basis and that's not for everyone. My concept of health goes beyond finding the right combination of pills to keep a b.p. below 140/90 ..."

December 1, 2011
Dr Bob was keynote speaker at the Nova Scotia AIDS Commission. Article about it in the January-February 2012 WayvesMagazine

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