WayvesMagazine Wayves is the voice of Atlantic Canadian gay, lesbian, transgendered & queer people and their friends including GayWriters.

Formerly a print magazine, in December, 2012, Wayves switched to on line only.

Site: http://wayves.ca/

Wayves is a volunteer collective created by readers like you, so if you think there should be something in Wayves, write it up and send it! Wayves is always looking for queer-related news, reviews, and events, and especially photos. If you're not sure, email and ask -- we don't bite!

This encyclopedia contains the Nova Scotia portion of the Wayves' GroupsAndServices database.

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picLayout Party - 1992-09. DanielMacKay (standing) & ColinPye (R)


ca. 1983
Published regularly under the name GAEZETTE
February, 1995
GAEZETTE gets renamed Wayves via a name contest; the winner: sports contributor MarkMutrie?
JimBain gets involved as advertising director
September, 2004
WayvesMagazine switches to InDesign computer layout instead of tradtional wax & layout sheets - probably one of the last publications anywhere to do so; our printer was dropping the capability to make negs, strip and make plates photographically.
November, 2007
Wayves available online at http://wayves.ca/
November 11, 2008
Wayves gets a photo in Nova Scotia's Scandal sheet, FrankMagazine
We - Raymond I think - got a bunch of radio clips made, probably as part of an exchange deal.
July 11, 2009
Photos of the layout by AnitaMartinez with JimBain, DanielMacKay, and RaymondTaavel
January, 2010
Annual General Meeting held at The Hub. Notes here.


April, 2012
Editor RaymondTaavel murdered
May 11, 2012
Put the magazine on line in Drupal 7
December, 2012
Last print edition
August 3, 2016
Long time ad sales rep JimBain passes away after a long illness.
March 13, 2023
Upgraded from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10, keeping all 500 articles with their original names and formatting and ad placement, with a total ten minute outage.
2023 - 2024
Dan writes updates: From Week 1, Week 2, Month 3, and Month 9

Other Media Mentions

December 16, 2007
RosemaryPorter mentions Wayves in a fullpage article about her in the ChronicleHerald, written by MarkBolton?.

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