Exodus International

Homophobic anti-gay conversion Bible group.

HistoryProjectTodoList: maybe find coverage of this in Wayves - or from Robert or others who were there.

DanielMacKay's emails indicate it was probably on or about June 25, 1991. He writes:

This is what we did in my city when Exodus International had a meeting here. We spread the word, and we registered, and showed up, and in a room of maybe 40 people, we had distributed maybe fifteen militant queers.

We sat quietly through the first hour or so of the meeting and then, one by one, started interrupting the speaker with points we disagreed with, and of course the rest of the audience began to realize that EVERYONE was sitting next to a militant queer, and the organizers realized that their event had been trainwrecked.

The best part was, after all of their arguments about how the Bible unequivocally condemns homosexuality had been presented, RobertAllan, with many years of acting AND rabid Christian confrontation experience, held up his hand, and the woman at the front asked what he wanted.. and he just began talking.

And she tried to interrupt him, and he just.. kept… talking, and her voice got shriller and shriller, while Robert, in his absolutely effortless, calm, velvety bass voice that filled the room, delivered a long lecture on misinterpretation of bible passages (this was before "Dear Dr Laura" but the chapter and verses cited were the same) and the woman at the front got more and more upset until she was hysterically screaming STOP!! STOP!! SHUT UP!! YOU'RE RUINING EVERYTHING!! while he just kept delivering this carefully thought out talk on why these were unfortunate misinterpretations.

The rest of the day's activities were cancelled after that, and Exodus International has not been back.

We had all paid our entrance fees - $15 or $20 I think - with cheques that we did a "stop payment" on the next day.