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To-Do's for the Women's Biography Editor

To-Do's for the Trans Women Biography Editor

Feb 2002 - May 2003: DanielMacKay, RossBoutilier and IanCrowe agree to do a Wayves index, including advertisements.

25 Mar 2002, DebTrask: TRASKDE@gov.ns.ca says: "Quite a bit has been done on this, some time ago. I have some material. I remember LynnMurphy doing research some time ago, and also my brother TonyTrask back in the mid-70s did some 'oral history' interviews - will think on this some more!"

March 24, 2002, MissVicki says to DanielMacKay, "You can interview me for some stories about CondonsBar!!"

March 25 2002, TerryGoodwin, pers. corr to DanielMacKay, will forward my note to some friends who might want to help.


Get someone to write a story or journal entry about the PillTimers - about what it was like to be in a room of HIV+ people and have all of their timers go off at e.g. 4 or 8.

July 17 2002 History Club Meeting

25 July 2002: DanielMacKay observes: the OverThirtiesGroup is probably the oldest extant group in the city; we should do some history on this - AlStewart has offered to tell stories over a beer.

24 April 2003

25 April 2003

NilsClausson writes: Before Dave opened "TheeKlub" in the GreenLantern Building, there was an earlier club on one of the streets closer to the harbour than Barrington. People I met in 1972 often talked about it. But I know no more than this.

Something could be written on The "GayGreyApartmentBuilding" on Morris Street (where BarryHeath? & PatrickMurphy?, GaryWalsh, TomGrey?, JimDeYoung, Chris Sheppard & his lover RogerStoddard? all lived.)

January 2006: ThomDay's comments and questions have been moved to his own page :-)

Notes taken by DanielMacKay during EricSmith's talk on history, 2006-03-08

February 21, 2012: JaneKansas suggests we do an article on the [[SLURP_Party?]] series (check capitalization).

DanielMacKay writes: another interesting topic - the phenomenon of sleazy guys taking advantage of the "community" because we tend to trust quickly.

Frank Letourneau " I'll be happy to be interviewed and as background to my story you might want to read pp 227-229 of Gary Kinsman's "The Canadian War on Queers”.

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