pic Long live freaks and feathers, sequis and tethers, drag queens and kings, heck, all sorts of things. Amateurs, immatures, perverts and pro's. Big girls in mini's, virgins, and ho's. Hairy pits, tiny tits, marching bands and one-night stands. Money grabs for charity (and don't forget hilarity.) -- Annette Macintyre

"The dictionary describes burlesque as 'a variety show characterized by ludicrous comedy,'" says ShelleyMacPhail?, of the Halifax Burlesque Society says, "It's about being sexy, the kind of sexy that makes people feel good all the time."

The Halifax Burlesque Society became a positive new addition to Halifax's cultural landscape in early 2003 and included several lesbian entertainers, including PSCM. They performed Sundays at VorTex with LuLuLaRude.

Main page: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/halifaxburlesque Their blog is http://halifaxburlesquesociety.blogspot.com/