Halifax Community Fridge

A barrier free service that provides free food in Kjipuktuk / Halifax.

The goal is to help those who are hungry access free food without any barriers. It works like a little free library. You can take some food items and leave some items for somebody else.

Behind the Glitter Bean
Behind the Glitter Bean

Located behind the GlitterBeanCafe

“We wanted to make a food resource that addresses the need for people to have a dignified way to access food," said the anonymous volunteer. "Even though a structure on the side of the road with a pantry isn’t still the most dignifying way to address food insecurity.”

The organization wants to remain anonymous, citing concerns the city might take action against them, and to avoid any credit for the food program.1

Most of the documentation, including what to donate and what not to, is on their Instagram account.

What We Want

Donations must be unopened items (no dents/cracks) with a generous best before date, that are sealed and labelled.

What we don't want

Please make note of the items we cannot accept as donations for the overall safety/well being of our community:

They have an Amazon wishlist.

Contact: Twitter, Instagram, communityfridgehfx@gmail.com,


Contact person is RhyanSchennery?
2020 (estimate)
formed, "Since the pandemic began" CTV article.
May 21, 2023
transcribe in wants / don't wants.


1. March 10, 2022 CTV News article