How does it work?

Members are on a mailing list get notified of a get-together every few months at a Halifax hotel room. If you're a member, you get an email about when it is and the number to call for more info. You call and get the exact location. You show up with all the party supplies you need (snacks, lube, dope, booze, rubbers, towel if you want a shower) and strip off and start playing, anytime between 8:30pm and 1 or 2 in the morning.

To be a member you have to submit a form to the owner of the group. There's no other way to go to the party.

Full info at http://www.halifaxgayorgy.com/


Haven't checked it out so I don't know what to tell you. It's a private orgy. :)

August, 2004: This page NeedsContent: please, someone, attend an event and tell the rest of us what it was like and how you liked it.

June, 2005: I've emalied this site with no response. I emailed again today (16th).

This is just one of many ways of MeetingPeople

The guy who runs this group is the same one that made the local porn DareToBeBare...my understanding is the guy is from New Waterford, and sets up these orgies when he is in Halifax. They are held at a hotel...can't tell you any more, haven't been to one, however I did see the porn...

I really wish there was a straight/group/couple orgy event, men on men isnt my cup of tea, but play safe guys.