Hedy Fry

pic Gay friendly liberal leadership candidate who in 2006, visited Halifax several times to press the flesh several times. Click here for her main website.

Glenn Scott writes on 2July 12, 0060: If you'd like to march with Hedy Fry (MP Vancouver and Liberal Leadership Candidate) in the Halifax Pride Parade, let me know (glenn@hedyfry.com). You don't have to be a Liberal, but you should know that Hedy is one of Canada's most active GLBT advocates. It is because of her that the Canadian Constitution was ammended to allow for equal rights under the law for gays and lesbians. She also spearheaded the Parliamentary committee for same-sex marriage. If you are an activist or just wanna have fun...drop me a line!

Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt : Hedy rocks :D Im goin to help Glenn too , so you can also email me bjv1@eastlink.ca :D