DonGoss? recommends reading ''Recording Oral History: A Guide for the Humanities & Social Sciences''


Here is a list of questions to ask HistoryPeople when you're interviewing. As of May, 2004: severely under construction.

Short Form

Early Life


Then can take them into their key areas of interest.

In closing

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After The Interview

Interviewers should consider and document:

  1. Does this interview contain personal information such as a physical address, healthcare information, a phone number, a social security number, or anything else that potentially poses a future privacy risk?
  2. Does this interview contain confidential or sensitive information (about anyone) that the Nunn Center should consider prior to making this interview available online? Examples include discussions of personal tragedies, medical conditions, sexual abuse, or violence. Consider this: if this interview were your story, is there anything in this recording that you would not want made searchable or available online?
  3. Does this interview contain criminal allegations against another party?
  4. Does this interview contain potentially slanderous or libelous language pertaining to another living person?
  5. Does this interview reveal institutional, trade, or corporate secrets?
  6. Does this interview use culturally insensitive language?

A “yes” answer to any of the above questions does not mean that we will automatically reject, restrict, or censor interview content. A “yes” answer will trigger a process of heightened examination of flagged content, responsible documentation, and a carefully considered institutional response. 1

Here's a form for capturing the interview meta-information

Transcribing / Indexing

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