Koinonia Church

pic Ecumenical church in J. Albert Walker Funeral Home Chapel @ 149 Herring Cove Rd., Halifax Nova Scotia. It is called Koinonia (meaning "Community") Church. It meets bi-weekly, so check LocalEvents for which Sundays.

We are a small faith community forming a solid foundation so we do no harm in practicing our faith.

The minister is Reverend ElaineWalcott. Her background is Baptist, she is one of the local WeddingOfficiants.

She herself is straight and has a husband and two sons but she truly feels that gays and lesbians have had a raw deal with church experiences and hopes that gay and lesbians might give this almost decade age church a try.

She is very committed to doing same sex marriages or unions and believes it is the right to have a church bless such a union if a same sex couple wishes.

The space for the services has ample parking and is on Metro Transit Route # 20 Herring Cove Road. J. Albert Walker Funeral Home has a beautiful Chapel @ 149 Herring Cove Rd., Halifax Nova Scotia ; see LocalEvents for service times.

Every other Sunday, 10:30 a.m. See LocalEvents for the days. Bi-weekly corporate worship encourages this Koinonia gathering of believers to live out the alternate Sundays of their lives where two or three are gathering in God's name in the spirit of love and fellowship with shut in family members and friends creating sacred moments with their loved ones.

The more choices we have for church the better. All are welcome.

Rev. Elaine Walcott is a Professional Multi-Faith Chaplain willing to provide spiritual care, crisis support, prayer, and counseling. She has an extensive skill set and designs child dedications, family blessings,weddings and funerals with a very personal focus.

Rev. Elaine can be reached at 902-876-8771 or email her @ revelainewalcott@bellaliant.net



It's one of several gay friendly churches - more can be found on ReligionLinks. Going to church is a great way of Meeting People.


1. March 7, 2022 conv. with Rev. Elaine