Mark Monk

Mark, a board member was born in Halifax, and raised in quiet East Ship Harbour on Nova Scotia's picturesque Eastern Shore.

After formal education in information technology with the NSCC, Mark moved into his career of Office Administration settling in Continuing Care and now Dalhousie University.

Throughout, you could find Mark volunteering; his keen senses of citizenship and giving back to the community, volunteerism came naturally. After coming out in 2004, he felt Halifax Pride (starting in 2008) was a good fit ascending to the Board as Volunteer Coordinator.

While serving on the Halifax Pride Board, Mark also branched out and became involved with InterPride? (the International Association of Pride Organizers) serving on their Board as a regional director Canada and heavy involvement and participation on their many committees since 2013 (conference planning, methods and standards, membership, governance, human rights and equity, worldpride, and communications - serving 5 terms as co chair). Mark was a founding member of InterPride?'s Racism and Oppression Awareness Program (ROAP).

While away from the Board, he would return year after year to volunteer for Halifax Pride, never forgetting his roots. And it was this philosophy in mind that Mark accepted the call to rejoin the Board of Halifax Pride to help the festival and community regroup during these challenging times of transition. 1


1. May 21, 2023 PrideFestival Instagram post