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In Sep 2004, someone writes: Lovely, another appointed title, which makes Halifax's leather scene look like a joke to the real leatherworld.

you got that one right!

If you have a problem with appointed titles, then run. Simple as that.

OfficerDick writes: It's not as simple as that. Titleholders are expected to be available for functions etc. Not all people are around all the time. Some (like myself) are away a lot due to work committments. Other people have reasons for not running. Having said that, one would think that at least a couple of people could have come forward.

Perhaps some of Halifax's gay leather scene needs to realize that these titles are something that were never meant to be given out on a whim to just anyone. There is an honour in working for such a title but seeing as how another drag-oriented group throws out titles left and right (which is fine within their system) others seem to have taken the belief that this should apply within the leather scene. Well it doesn't and it never should be acceptable within the leather community here.

Halifax, for the most part, doesn't have leathermen except for a good dozen to two dezen known leathermen and guys interested in the true leather scene. The rest of those dressed in leather are simply queens wearing leather which are given the new guard title of Stand and Model (the 'new' S&M).

Its really too bad that a lot of the new guard followers here fail to see the importance of what the 'old guard' leathermen did to further gay rights in Canada and North America. Not everyone has to be involved in fisting or SM play but having a knowledge of the leather world would certainly be a good start. Read Larry Townsend's The Leatherman's Handbook, versions I and/or II to see what I'm talking about. I'm sure it'll open a new view of what the leather community is supposed to be about and will certainly show what the small number of old guard here in Halifax really believe in.