picOctober 2003

Birthdate: April 5, 1973.

Hot, hunky, and more-or-less friendly Bartender at the ToolBoxEast until March, 2004. Mixes a great drink, and seems to care about what he does.

DanielMacKay writes: Jim is a Newf who had been brought up in a German-speaking household.

April, 2004
Dismissed amid allegations of theft. Various rumours have him working at PineausCafe or having moved from the area.
Still in Nova Scotia, he says on Facebook.1


Someone writes: Nothing against him personally, but ToolBoxEast is a lot better off without him. It just seemed that he didn't care about the place, or the customers. As for what he's doing now, or going to do, your guess is as good as mine. We all know why he's no longer at the bar, so that's going to impact on what sort of work he's going to be able to find. I hope he makes out OK though.

Someone writes: One has to wonder if his being fired was somehow related to thefts actually done by the fellow who eventually replaced him as ToolBoxEast manager then pulled off the ClubVortex scam. I'm not a fan of JimMcGrath but I'd be complaining to the Labour Board under these circumstances on the basis of unjust dismissal if I was in his shoes at this time. Seeing as Keith only started working at ToolBoxEast a short time before Jim left, I would highly doubt it. From what I've heard, the issue with Jim had been going on for quite some time.

October 13, 2005 someone writes: You know, making allegations against someone if it hasn't been proven, or been taken to court is slander and allowing it to be published makes you responsible. Ummm, no. Knowingly publishing false/harmful information is slander (or, if it's in writing, such as this site, libel.) Nobody on this site is accusing Jim of theft from the former ToolBoxEast. But it's a known fact, as well as public knowledge, that he was fired from that establishment and theft was the reason given.

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Let's just forget about JimMcGrath. He was bad for business and not real great for some groups he was involved with. He got fired then dissapeared - problem solved itself.


1. DanielMacKay, pers corr