This pageant was held in 2003, and is the one and only pageant of its kind. DawnDavenport will be the one and only, forever and always, 'Mz. Rising Star'. The other contestants in this pageant were AmberWayves and JuicyFruit, who finished 2nd and 3rd.

This pageant was designed for the newer queens who applied for the 2002/2003 MzReflections Pageant and weren't quite ready as only 8 spots were available.

Dawn Davenport Diamond was the first ever to be crowned Mz Rising Star,the only one.Dawn is a great person!!!

Forever and always Mz Rising Star!!! YAAP, we miss you, you fabulous bitch Come back and glamourize the stage once more You really should get more pictures of yourself done and posted on here :) Wow, you look pretty good!!!