pic While not a "gay magazine", NXET embraces all communities, gay included, and often featured gay, lesbian and drag queen related content.

October 15, 2004
Launched. Webpage says: GuyShaham? Publisher; KathrynFox?, Editor; DuaneJones, Art Director; RachelDodds?, Sexpert; DebbieMeredith?, Marketing Advisor; JayHiltz?, Graphic Designer; FionaMerry?, Sales Executive; AngelaOakey? Night Life Team Captain; BrookePrescott, Style Diva.
May, 2005
Halifax Chamber Of Commerce newsletter: NXET magazine is pleased to announce an increase in its distribution from 60 locations in its first issue to more then 1,400 locations by its sixth issue. NXET magazine is the only full colour, high quality glossy, pocket size serving all of Atlantic Canada which targets the youth market. The magazine focuses on all aspects of Atlantic Canadian urban lifestyle and entertainment, delivered in a hip, fun and funky style. Readership consists of young professionals, university & college students living an urban lifestyle. Call NXET at 902-404-6938 or visit www.nxet.ca to learn how NXET can help your company deliver strong marketing messages to the untapped youth market in Atlantic Canada.
February, 2006
Webpage says: the same but BrookePrescott missing. Archive lists only November, 2004 issue.
May, 2006
web page www.NXET.ca gone offline.