Sparrow and Father Mike MacDonald

A multidenominational group used to meet on the upper level of The Turret club calling itself Sparrow. Father MikeMacDonald was its teacher and inspiration. Father Mike stood about 5'10" but to me he seemed ten feet tall, he had a beard and dressed just like you and me. He had this gentle but commanding presence; A man of God who never seemed to care what religion or denomination you belonged to or believed in. One time when I lived in the apartment above him;we were going out somewhere together and as we were leaving he closed the door to his apartment and turned to leave without locking it; I asked him if he forgot and he said in a calm voice:=="No! I never lock it, if anyone takes anything; they need it more than me."== This has always stuck with me as my favorite quote from him and that was just the way he was. In all the years I knew him, I never saw him scowl or look sad and even if he did, he had one of those faces that would never let it show. Father Mike is no longer with us; this fine man surely has a favored spot by God's side.

I never attended Sparrow because I came to not believe in organized religion. I consider myself a christian but not in the way most people see it.There were a handful of people who attended Sparrow faithfully, I can still see them up there on that landing as I worked and Father Mike leading them in their learning of God and mankind.

Father Mike worked at other volunteer projects such as Hope Cottage and GAA (GAY AA)and I am sure there were more that I never knew about.

God Bless You Mike

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