I'm Back.......... If I have reached you in anyway making you feel warm or sad, happy or mad or just given you a nice story to read; then I have accomplished what I have set out to do. If I have reached JUST (1) young man and made him think before he jumps on that little red wagon for the ride of his life; I am happy because I have done my part. When I see grown men arrive on the chat channels advertising BAREBACK SEX, I get very angry and I want to scream and you should too. It is up to we (the older guys) to set an example and do our best to set the younger generation on a SAFER path; not out of fear or anger but out of necessity and caring for one another.


 I am the watcher 
 and I watch the scene.
 I know where you are going.
 To a place I have never been.
 My name is Reg.

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