RUMOURS CLUB (Granville Street)

Slow Train To Toronto

In the fall of 1984, my business relationship with Fred Berringer came to an end. It was not amiable seperation and I do not want to dwell on it or speak ill of the dead; it was probably a bit of wrong on both our parts. I was also tired of working at the club and my will and interest to go there each night was waning by the day. When the business fell apart I quickly made my plans to depart from Rumours Club and Halifax in a matter of a couple days and my leaving was just as fast.

I arranged to take the train from Halifax because I wanted the departure to be slow and have time to relax. I watched Halifax disappear from the back of the train , I really did not want to leave. The clacking of the wheels of the train hitting the splits in the sections of rails made a sound like a wind up clock which lulled me off to sleep.

I arrived in Toronto a bit rested and ready to start fresh again.

That Is Another Story My Friends

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