Robert Ertel

Sometime between 1979 or 1980 BobErtel became Manager of The Turret. Robert is a tall "stuck in the 60's type", with long hair and a moustache; not a bad looking man (Cheech and Chong would be proud of him.)

(I keep wanting to call it "The Club" because back then it was our private way of saying in public that we were going to "The Turret Club" without being chastised for being a fag).

My New Position

By the time BobErtel came along I had started doing maintenance and a bit of cleaning at The Turret. I had been doing the odd renovations around town between my guard job and Robert learned of my capabilities and hired me on. The first order of business was to add benches on the upper level against "The Painted Wall" which is another story to come later. We also added stand up bars along the meat rack and other areas on the lower area.

Name That Tune

BobErtel and I usually made a weekly excursion to the record shops along Barrington Street to find the newest disco for the week. We would usually listen to the first half-minute of the song and 1:listen for a good beat 2:a good voice 3:and in the middle of the record a good break for mixing. A lot of times they would be picked it out just because a certain disco queen/king recorded it. One day on our weekly tromp we stopped at one of our usual stops "STRM" (not mentioning any names); one of the staff members of the shop asked Robert: "what is that song that goes 'BING BING BING?'" Robert and I looked at each other baffled and taking it in stride Robert said: "they all go "BING BING BING" which of course that year they all did. Later that night the STRM employee was at the bar and came running over saying that he got it, it was "Ring My Bell by Anita Ward." Robert and I shook our heads at each other thinking that there was more than one "BING BING BING" going on in the boys head.

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