To Tell Or Not To Tell

I never felt that I needed to run right off and tell my family "Hey ALL! I'm GAY!". It was a conscious choice on my part as I felt there was no need and it was my business and mine alone. I also said to myself that if anyone in the family asked, that member of the family would be told and asked not to tell the others (if they want to know, they can ask themselves). Two of my sisters did ask and were told, they promised not to tell anyone else in the family. One of my uncles (my favorite) one time was showing me some wedding pictures and he injected:"Of course; you want to look at the boys !"; without hesitation I replied a hasty; "YES !". There was never anything said in that way again and I just assumed he could live with my answer; we have never had a discussion about my sexuality ever. When I was diagnosed with HIV, I had to make those dreaded phone calls to everyone in the family so they would not find out from another source. Each person in the family took the news in their own way most good and some not bad but not so good. My oldest sister said that the family had chats at dinner, discussing whether I was GAY or NOT. I don't mind that, just wish I was there so I could have my nickles worth. I have never been shy about it and I think a few ears may have burned at my candidness. I know my family; Mom (departed and always on my mind), Dad (the best there ever could be); my 4 sisters and 2 brothers ( never far away ) love me as I love them. It never mattered that I am "GAY" because we are a family. This is not to say to you "Don'T Tell", that is what worked for me personally and you have to do what works for you.

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