The Art Of The Cruise

As I get home at night I make myself a coffee and turn on ChatClient; I ask myself "Will there be that illusive person that intrigues me to a point that I want to run right out and meet him somewhere for yet another caffine dose ?". I ponder if cruising the Gaycom channels is really worth the effort of raising my fingers to the keyboard. Granted, I have met some interesting people there ( some of whom I have found intriguing ) and some not so. The way a person types or taps in their chosen words of wisdom or mediocrity; or just plain jibberish gives your mind a mental picture of what that person may or may not be. Then there are those thumbnail pictures taken to say "Hi! I'm IT" or just "I'm here,what do you want?". Some pictures make fun of the person they are representing in a playful coy way ( in some ways these attract me a little more ); each profile touting what each person is or is not about. Although I have never met anyone from the chat as a sexual partner, I have met a few socially and each one was surprisingly different from the mental picture I had 1 second before meeting. It seems that this actually sets another level of investigation that a person needs to actually find out what a person is all about.

On the other hand, cruising in the bar or on the cruising areas you get to see and hear the person you have your eyes set on; passing by one another and exchanging glances and smiles or not smiling but giving a nod of approval. You have at least a chance to make an exscuse to get by or ask for a light. Right away there is a physical bond; body language and your look and your scent are sent racing at your intended. There is no long anticipation of seeing that picture live and in surround. On the cruising areas; at least a walk is gained; some physical exertion to say that I did something besides sit on my ass all night.

The art of cruising certainly has changed. I think I prefer the old fashioned way.

Old Man...Take A Look At My Life

There were a few of the older generation that frequented The Turret Club. I always had my best conversations from more mature men and women for that matter. For the most part the older generation was more relaxed and willing to just talk, granted there were the few that thought that just because you were engaging them in conversation that you were interested in them physically. Most would take the "No, I'm not interested in that way." as stated and there were the few that had to be slapped on the hand like a child in a candy store. An older man was never called an "old man","TOQ","old fart" to his face at least, a little respect and dignity was granted. One such man was Gerry, he was nice, a bit of a drinker but nice none the less. Gerry always had a smile and hello. Gerry was not a conversational man but he treated me nice and even after I had to politely tell him to back up a bit, he treated me nice. Because of the nature of The Turret Club, all generations stood together in one room, now, I not trying to say that it was a bed of roses for anyone or any one group, there were the usual fights, bad feelings, anomosities, drunks, etc.

On the chat channels I have seen outbursts of outright disdain and foul mouthed garbage being flung at older men, this includes men over 40. Just because an older man is interested in an 18-19 year old does not a pedophile make, at that age a young man knows what he is doing and if he is interested in the more mature man, that is his and the older mans business, not yours, nor mine. The chat channels in no way sets the standard by which the older generation are regarded by the younger generation, but what amazes me even more is the attitude even by the older men that sit by and take it or join in ( pretending to be younger or not responding at all ), its as if the arthritus in the joints all of a sudden acted up. Take your aspirin guys and tell it like it is.

The older generation of my younger days would give you backhand you would not soon forget for being so outwardly disrespectful or at least let you know their opinion on your foul mouth.

Disco Lives On

Some people say that disco is DEAD; I say NO. Disco never died, the Rock & Roll bands (in my opinion) wanted a way of getting into the DISCO NICHE without being labelled a DISCO BAND "can't have that!". I see it as the record industry took it off the market and the brought it back with a whole new name and sound and called it " DANCE MUSIC ". The same beat was there (most of the time) but the sound was more ROCK oriented and not as dancey as disco. The whole feel changed to this hardcore " mad at the world music".

I never thought that disco was meant to be taken as a serious challenge to the rest of the music industry; yet a lively and fun sound for all to enjoy and dance their cares away; a sound that anyone ( even people who could not dance) would look like they could dance up a storm. Since I have started writing this story of stories, I have found myself going out more than I have for a while and when I hear a familiar song being redone by a younger voice; someone much younger than me inevitably says " Is'nt this a great new song?" and when I reply "Yes,I remember when it came out 30 years ago.", I get a stunned look like I don't know what I am talking about.......


Maybe not in name but in spirit and in the new rereleases called " Dance Music ".

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