RUMOURS CLUB (Granville Street)

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When The Turret Club closed, there was feeling of disbelief from some of us on staff who thought it would never end. Our love affair with The Club and building with its familiar, cozy and unique look and feel was gone. There was a deep grumbling in our stomaches like a hunger pang for it to continue on forever. All things good must come to an end eventually and it did.

The Turret Management Commitee and GAE Executive set about the task of finding a new spot a few months prior and came to lease the new location at 1586 Granville Street across from Texpark and also the same place The Office Club used to be housed in.

The staff were told that they would all be layed off and would have to re-apply for their jobs. This did not sit well with any of us on staff including John Marr who fought for all to be kept on. Even though the management committee thought we all should be replaced because of some complacency or attitude that some or all of the staff had. Our DEDICATION to the club and or the inability of some to get a job elsewhere because of the fact that we worked at a GAY BAR for so long was not taken into account. This issue was layed to waste as the staff members jammed the next general meeting and won a vote to keep our jobs. With this issue dealt with, we now got on to the task of building a new club.

John Marr did not retain his job as manager of the club, I had heard several rumours as to why but I never knew the real reason for him leaving. The new manager would be a man named Fred Bishop. A straight man was hired this time, I guess in hopes of having the club run more efficient. Fred, I heard came with many jobs in bars under his belt. Mr. Bishop was a heavy set man with a big laugh, a laugh that semed to keep me on edge and it would take a while to confirm my gut feelings that I never told anyone about.

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