Always Remember

pic Whenever I am walking down the street or in one of the new clubs or just sitting on my doorstep; there never seems to be a day that I don't see someone from yesterday who walks by and says:"Hi Reg!" or "Are you Reg?" and even tho I may not recognize the face of that person today, when each one starts telling their recollection of past days; I most times remember or can relate to what they are talking about.

There have been so many people whose lives have been touched by The Turret Club. Some don't talk about it, but at least say hello.

The Club may not have been the political movement that some wanted, it just turned out that way. The different combinations of people from all walks of life that passed through its doors (I think) brought more understanding and tolerance than any march we ever made down the street. As I sit on that step and listen, its not just Lesbian or Gay but also Straight people who have had their share of good memories and I was lucky enough to be in the thick of it all. We had a bond in that little place that most people never share.

Despite any bad memories or dislikes people had for one person or the other;

the good ones always seem to shine thru.

I will always remember.

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