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PROUD Anglicans

Welcome to PROUD Anglicans of Nova Scotia and PEI. We are so happy to launch this initiative again in Nova Scotia and PEI. We are a subgroup of the larger Proud Anglicans of Canada. You can find our parent site here: www.proudanglicans.ca1

Formerly known as Integrity, we believe everyone deserves a safe space and a place to express their faith no matter where or what journey they are on. We welcome all to the table regardless of gender, sexuality, or expression. We all belong.

We are composed of groups of parishes and people across the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. If you want to learn more about our vision and mission, feel free to message. Please be patient with us as we kick off the dust and grow this initiative. Stay tuned to see more events, information, and witness the start of something big: unconditional love to all.

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1. July 11, 2020 Facebook Post