Integrity Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island

pic Integrity is a national organization of Anglican GLBT persons and their friends formed to encourage and support Christian GLBTQ persons in their spiritual lives in a safe and welcoming place. Membership is open to all Christian people who support Integrity’s goals.

Integrity is a network of local chapters and individuals offering ministry within parish, diocesan, and national Church bodies. We are part of the Alliance of Lesbian and Gay Anglicans, working with other organizations around the world to encourage the full inclusion of gay and lesbian people in life and ministry of the Church. Membership in Integrity is open to all GLBT persons and their friends who support Integrity's goals.

The goals of Integrity are:

  1. to encourage Christian GLBT men and women in their spiritual lives;
  2. to support the Church in its commitment to seek and serve Christ in all people; and
  3. to reach out to the GLBT communities in Christian love and service.

To learn more about Integrity, visit and for more information, contact or 404-2847, 860-2659.


March, 2004
Integrity-Nova Scotia was in its formative stages. Numerous parishes offered to host the group. The address was c/o The Cathedral Office, Anglican Diocesan Centre, 5732 College St, Halifax. Rev. GeorgeParker was the original organizer.
June, 2010
Following General Synod held in Halifax, Integrity NSPEI was organized and operates out of the Cathedral Church of All Saints, 1330 Martello St., Halifax, NS. Eucharist is held on the 3rd. Sunday of each month at 4:00pm at the Cathedral. Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome. Contact John at (902) 425-8383. E-mail:
Halifax PrideCelebrations photo here.
Great turnout at the Halifax PrideCelebrations. There are photos here.
July 11, 2020
ProudAnglicans announce they are the group "formerly known as Integrity"

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