pic Rabid homophobic MP from the New Glasgow / Westville area in the mid-90s.

StephenKimber? writes in September 1, 1995 Chatelaine, The rightness of Roseanne Skoke:

You could almost feel the white heat radiating out from the television screen. Roseanne Skoke, the rookie Liberal MP from Nova Scotia, was being interviewed by journalist Hana Gartner on CBC-TV. Gartner was needling Skoke about the contrast between her lofty public pronouncements -- she had declared homosexuality "unnatural and immoral" -- and her private life, as grandmother of a baby born recently to her unmarried 15-year-old daughter. What if, Gartner wondered, instead of getting pregnant, your daughter had told you she was a lesbian? Skoke's voice took on the slightly strained tone of a long-suffering teacher explaining a simple concept to an especially thick student. "Pregnancy outside marriage is wrong," she said, "but it's natural. For a child to come home and say `I am a lesbian,' that is immoral. And it does defy nature." Skoke stopped, froze Gartner in her sights. "Quite frankly," she said, "I don't want to discuss it any further..."

Here's her Wikipedia page.

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