When a gay/lesb/bi in Halifax says "The Second Cup", he/she means the one on SpringGardenRoad at Queen. It's the place to hang out and see and be seen, especially in the front atrium area where you get a great view of ped traffic on Skin Garden Rd.

Tom Culligan was the co-founder of the business and is very active in queer politics ("The business world is homophobic and it's institutionalized. It was scary at the beginning. I came out corporately in 1980, when I was president. We only had 35 to 40 stores back then, but we were the first, before Starbucks, before everybody..." (quote source: Paquette, D. "Cocktail Confessions", Xtra! Jan. 9, 2003) but now, we queers are cheerfully giving our money to some giant corporation based god-knows-where when we patronize this "gay" establishment. CapnDan would prefer to patronize a locally-gay-owned biz.

MikeTeal / lil^bear / furry_one says that if people want to patronize locally owned gay businesses then they should open one...many people say this but what do they do about it??????

See SecondCupRocks? and SecondCupSucks? for the various Discussion Forums regarding one of Halifax's pride-flag-emblemized GayHangouts.

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