pic Shedogs is the self-given term for the collection of women who organize the Shedog's Bathhouse for Women and Transfolks. The name stems from the location where the bathhouse is held, Seadog's Sauna and Spa. The Shedog's bathhouse runs approximately four times per year - Valentine's Day, late May, Pride Week and late November. It's a space to get together that strives to maintain a respectful, relaxed atmosphere where participants can make our own rules and stretch their imaginations. Sensuality and sexuality are welcomed and celebrated. The primary rules are consent, confidentiality and respect. The Shedog's Bathhouse welcomes women and anyone identifying as female to attend and participate as much or as little as feels comfortable.

For more information on what goes on at the Shedog's Bathhouses and the rules of conduct, visit the Shedogs website at

The Shedogs, with the exception of public face and tireless champion MarshallHaywood?, manager of Halifax Venus Envy, prefer to keep their names out of print. In addition to the Shedogs, there are a number of faithful volunteers and promoters that the bathhouse relies on, without whom the bathhouse could not run. The roster of both Shedogs and volunteers have changed somewhat since the first bathhouses, but even the retired dogs are still willing to pitch in and lend a hand when needed.

The bathhouse was started by DougMelanson, who turned over Seadog's Sauna and Spa to VenusEnvy and volunteers one night every few months. The event was soon adopted by some enthusiastic participants who dubbed themselves the Shedogs. It has since grown into a full-fledged social/sexual/sensual party phenomenon for women (of all orientations) and transfolks only.

Local cartoonist @kateleth drew a four-panel about the experience.1