Tova Cranford

Tova Cranford (she/her) is a born and raised Nova Scotian who has recently returned home after pursuing a career as a lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. Tova has a Bachelor of Arts from St. Thomas University and a Juris Doctor from Queens University. Tova is passionate about giving back to her community, which is reflected in her time spent working for Queen's Legal Aid and in her volunteer work. Tova is enthused to volunteer as a Halifax Pride Board Director because she recognizes the immeasurable value of queer-centred spaces and does not wish to see Nova Scotia lose any more of those spaces. Tova is excited to help Halifax Pride develop its internal processes and procedures with a view to creating a stable and reliable environment and culture within Halifax Pride that will ultimately benefit all members of the community. Tova is a queer ciswoman who recognizes that it is the most marginalized among us whose voices are often left unheard and she strives to be a supportive force in changing that reality.1


1. May 21, 2023 PrideFestival Instagram post