Trans Family Nova Scotia

Are you a family with a transgender child, looking to reach out and connect with other families with transgender children?

Would you like to be able to have contact by phone or just be able to sit in a room with other families who share your triumphs and your struggles, your joys and your heartbreak?

We are the family of a transitioning child and would love to share this incredible journey with other families, extended families, parents, siblings and friends of transgender individuals.

If you think you fit in anywhere above, please contact us to find out when our next meeting is. For more information, please contact Michelle at or 902-431-8500. You can also view the Facebook group.


March, 2009
Ad appears in WayvesMagazine: "Supporting: partners, parents, allies so they can do a better job of supporting the trans-identified person in their life!" Meets 3rd Monday of each month at the YouthProject. Contact 431-8500,
July, 2013
Trans Family marches in Halifax Pride parade with NSRAP.