From the Summer 1990 issue of VitalityMagazine:

The Women's Health Education Network (WHEN) was founded in 1979 as an information sharing network for women in Nova Scotia, with a particular emphasis on health promotion. WHEN is women helping women to take responsibility for their own health, to make the most of education, information, and support systems, and to work with other women in their communities to identify and meet their common needs. WHEN defines health as more than an absence of illness. We support the physical, mental, emotional and environmental health of women through various channels.
The WHEN Resource Centre provides a postal lending library which gives women throughout the province access to a wider range of health materials.
The journal Vitality, keeps women informed on health issues health related politics and WHEN activities. WHEN also publishes an update,when funds allow, aimed at keeping women informed about health matters between the issues of Vitality.
Each spring, WHEN sponsors a conference focussing on issues of health concerns to women.
WHEN undertakes political action to improve the health of women through briefs presented to federal and provincial commissions.
Our organization provides information, coordination and support o assist anyone organizing a well woman clinic.
WHEN's activities are overseen by a board of directors elected from the membership at the annual general meeting. Membership in WHEN entitles you to vote at the AGM, to use WHEN resources and services, to receive WHEN publications and to attend the WHEN conference at a reduced rate.