pic VitalityMagazine, the Women's Health Education Network Quarterly, was published quarterly from 1978 until at least 1990.

From the masthead:

Vitality is a Canadian feminist periodical primarily concerned with women's health issues. Preference is given to articles by, for and about women.
Advertising: Policy: Priority will be given to products or services which are Canadian health related, non-exploitive, and not harmful to the environment. Contact: HopeFraser? or DianneCrowell?. Circulation: 1000; business card $20; 1/8 page: $35; 1/2 page: $100; full page: $200.

1989 - Winter
Vol. 10, No 4: Coordinating Editor: DianeLaRue?, Contributors: JanCatano?, JanetCampbell?, DianeLaRue?, M.U.S.T., Public Legal Education Society, LeahNomm?, WinnieStephensWills?, DarlahPurdy?, DianneCrowell?, DiannDay?, Women's Global Network of Reproductive Rights. Graphics: PaigeKennedy?. Librarian: AlexKier?. Mailing: SheilaYoung?.
1989 - Spring
Vol. 11, No. 1: JanCatano?, JanetCampbell?, DianeLaRue?, SylvieJuttras?, DianeRaab?, HeatherSchneider?, DianeCrowell?, MaryAlanMacLean?, CorinePopowich?, LindaSmith?, BettyAnnFraser?, PaigeKennedy?, Printed by the Weekly Record in Truro
1989 - Summer
Vol. 11, No. 2: In AnitaMartinez' album "W #2, 90, 1988-etc". BarbCurrie?, HopeFraser?, CathyCoffin?, CoreenPopovich?, LindaSmith?, Workers: DianeLarue?, KarenWeston?, ClaudiaJohnson?.
1990 - Summer
Vol. 12, No. 2: Editorial: DianneCrowell? & DarlahPurdy?; Contributors: WendyAnnand?, MarieArmstrong?, JanCatano?, DeborahFleming?, SilverFrith?, LisaHammettVaughan?, DonnaLeeHolwerda?, AlexKeir?, Self-Help Connection, CRIAW. Advertisers: EOS Fine Foods, Wolfville; The Women's Studio of the National Film Board;

ISSN 0829-6014