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Why don't DragQueens pay a cover charge?? They can afford the outfits and all the makeup. So they get exempted?

DragQueens run your community groups, raise money and awareness, keep the bars packed and the local charities supported and keep people entertained for free. We do without for our community to be able to afford cheap make-up and Salvation Armani clothes so quit the cynicism.

Well I was expecting an answer without the attitude so this just adds to the truth about rude DQs. But one thing you should note is that its not just the drag community who runs community groups, raise money and awareness, keeps the bars packed and supports local charities. There are many other people and groups in the gay community that do the same stuff so your argument just went out the window. So now I guess that the cover should dropped for everyone since the rest of us also make sacrifices to buy clothing to wear out to the bar. Many of the drag queens in this city are entertaining and fun to be around, then there are the many others who think their shit doesn't stink. Those are the ones that give it a bad name.

Drag Queens don't pay a cover charge at the door at bars because they perform usually for free on a regular basis, and not paying cover is a courtesy from the bar for their free work.

A reply to the above: Still not a good excuse, funny how money always comes up first and foremost when some queens reply. If that logic was applied to all bar customers those who buy drinks should also be getting in for free as we are spending money at the bar and still contributing to the bar's bottom line.

Another reply to the above: Seems reasonable to me. A lot of time and effort go into drag and performing. Their (unpaid) work brings customers into the bar. It should be rewarded somehow.

And the customers who are brought in by the performers should also be rewarded somehow. Overpriced drinks and cover charges don't quite qualify as rewards.

To me there is a difference between free work and being a good patron. Both are important to a bar's success. So if a queen is performing (ie. working) on a weekly basis for free, that is a small reward.