A Leather Brotherhood An organization of gay men who enjoy wearing leather, denim, and/or uniforms.

A fraternity of gay men who wish to recognize with pride, the value and privilege of belonging to an organization of like minded gay men whom they know and trust.

An opportunity to explore gay male sexuality in a variety of ways. This also includes the more intense areas of sexuality such as S&M play, Bondage, and Discipline.

Tightrope often engages in events that are not entirely sexual related. Some of these activities would include: camping, hiking, participating in Biker/Leather "RUNS" with other leather groups around the world, Social events, meetings whatever!

All our activities (including sexual) are always:

Safe Sane Consensual

Safe means that care is taken to prevent any Physical or psychological injury, and those precautions are taken to prevent infectious Diseases.

Sane means that those who play together are mentally in charge of themselves; that they are not under undue influence of drugs or alcohol.

Consensual means that every player has the ability to influence the pace and intensity of play, and may end it at will.