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As of July 2009 residing in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

profile Name: Dawn Davenport

DawnDavenport writes on 12th July 2006: Hello,Hello, Hello, well well well, it has come to my attention that someone has informed the public that i am no longer performing,well allow me to make a correction.I am not actively performing, but intend to grace the stage again, when the time is right.I am not in Halifax, but i am in a place where I am working fulltime and doing well for myself.I noticed in the pride addition of Wayves, my letter to LuLu Made it which i am pleased.Gives spotlight to us big girls.So anyways...Hope youall have a wicked pride, have fun and miss you lots, Ciao

DawnDavenport writes: Hope everyone had a wicked pride. I hear things went awesome in the commons.I want to send out a thank you to Rouge Fatale for accepting my apology and for still wanting to be friends.You are an awesome girl and I want everyone on hear to know that.Espcecially through all the drama that is happening.Love ya girl.

DawnDavenport Writes: I have changed my page to correct and try to let ppl know that i still see DEBBIE DIAMOND as my mother and that will never change.Amanda is a mentor to me

AmberWayvesDiamond writes: Happy Birthday Sista. Love your friend in arms, Amber :)

AmberWayvesDiamond writes: Merry Christmas Sista, & A Happy New Year

LadySchapeau writes: Get a new pic, you look like you got punched in the nose, lol. love you to pieces...or in your case, a whole loaf of toast, LMAO! Lovesya!

AmberWayvesDiamond writes: Daw, Dawn, Dawn, Fix that nose man, I man Gurl. You look like someone socked you one. Call me!

AmberWayvesDiamond writes: Dawn, Show some Maritime Pride in Subury gurl. So missed :(

BrooklynDaniels writes: I am excited we gonna be in Toronto gurl

DawnDavenport writes: Well hello everyone... its been a while hasent it.. just poppin in to let you all know that i am still around and that if things go well, i will be moving back to halifax ns next year. Hopefully , get involved in the drag scene again. Hello to all the new queens on the block. miss you all